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Great Deals for You
We often photograph
and / or video record
products for many
clients billing out on
an hourly basis,
saving you money.




Contact us for product photography from
$5-$25.00 for short
run parts photography.


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Leverage your business to attract more clients by maintaining up to date product photography and videography.
Here's the deal .... we come to your location so there are no security problems, set up professional studio backdrops, take professional product photographs and videos, and deliver all the files to you that you own outright, all for the best quality and prices. No rights useage, digital file buyouts, nothing more ever to pay for, zip, nada, zilch! You get the best photographs and high definition videos and we do what we love to do ... take great pictures, videos and meet nice people like you.

We specialize in:

  • macro photography - close-up photography of sub miniature objects

  • electronics, computers and high tech products

  • general product photography and videography

  • products with challenging lighting needs (monitors, mirrors, glass, jewelry)

  • food photography