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NEW Coffee Table Wedding Albums

Our Designer Series of Wedding Albums merge the talents of our wedding photography, in house graphic design skills, digital printing services, and bookbinding.

We are proud to deliver one of a kind Wedding Albums to our Brides and Grooms.

Our creative use of special page designs incorporates multiple images on one page with special borders, edge and shadow effects, resulting in a uniquely customized Wedding Album for you. Your Wedding Album is on the leading edge of design today.


Your Wedding
Album can contain anywhere from one stunning panoramic photographic, on up to 7 or 8 photographs per page to depict a storybook presentation.

Designer Albums are available in 8x10, 8x12, 11x14 and 12x17 sizes, from 15 to 80 pages.

We regard your wedding album as a personalized unique work of art. With this in mind, creative poems, graphics and your names and wedding dates adorn the pages of your wedding album.




Coffee Table Album Choices and Styles

We offer a variety of Coffee Table Album styles and sizes, to suit you. Our albums have helped make us Palm Springs and Los Angeles's undisputed leader in Coffee Table Album Design services..


Personalized Album Design Service

Another way we stand out above the photographer crowd is by offering personalized album design services. Many photographers create "cookie cutter" album designs, where you are not involved in the album design. We, on the other hand, get together for an extended design consultation meeting with you, being sure all your album design needs are met.