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Leverage your business to attract more clients by creating up to date product photography images. Here's the deal .... we come to your location so there are no security problems, set up professional studio backdrops, take professional product photographs, and deliver all the files to you that you own outright, all for just $195 per hour! No rights useage, negative buyouts, nothing more ever to pay for, zip, nada, zilch! You get the best images and we do what we love to do ... take great pictures and meet people.

Alan's Award Winning Photography Palm Springs and Los Angeles brings the product photography photographer world to your fingertips. We have professional experience photographing the largest to the smallest of business and industrial products. From wide angle to macro close up photography Alan's Award Winning Photography is your best choice for quality, service and value. Negatives or digital files are included in all client projects. Our Palm Springs and Los Angeles product photography is done using the best digital and medium format cameras for the highest quality photos, images and pictures you can receive. We photograph at your location to make things most convenient for you as well as to maximize security.

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Electronics Product Pictures Photography Alan's Award Winning Photography excels at product photography thanks to proper lighting, composition and attention to detail and a thorough understanding of your expectations. We use state of the art medium format and high resolution digital cameras to handle any product photography for your business and promotional needs.

We INCLUDE NEGATIVES or DIGITAL FILES in all our product photography. Here's a deal you can't beat .. just $195 for all the images that are photographed in one hour. You own them all, nothing extra ever to buy!

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Electronics Product Pictures Photography

We specialize in:

  • macro photography - close-up photography of sub miniature objects
  • electronics, computers and high tech products
  • general product photography
  • products with challenging lighting needs (monitors, mirrors, glass, jewelry)
  • food photography

We offer the fastest turnaround in the industry thanks to our high quality Digital Imaging Services. We can have photographs taken in Palm Springs and Los Angeles, in Hong Kong or New York within five minutes after they were taken. Alan's Award Winning Photography is about Service and your competitive edge!

At Alan's Award Winning Photography we understand that time is money.

Contact us for our guaranteed fixed price quote with negatives and all proofs included in your Palm Springs and Los Angeles product photography photographer assignments. We photograph on location to minimize security problems, or at our studio if you prefer. We will save you hundreds and perhaps thousands of dollars on reprints and rights usage fees.

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