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Please use this form only for mailing to us. Please fill in all the appropriate information, and when completed, select file, print, and once printed, please mail this form to 36901 Cook Street, Palm Springs, California, USA, 92211. This form is NOT an email order form. If you prefer, you can also email us any questions to E-Mail or call us at 760-898-5110 or 1-800-853-8145

Thanks for your interest in Alan's Award Winning Photography. In order to fulfill your requests for more information please fill out this page as fully as needed for us to reply to you. Please also use this form to submitt your order for any of our stock photography images.

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Stock Photo Images
Input the filenames (see below) from the web navigator bar address at the top of your web browser, on your monitor(above).
For example to order the first image in our wedding stock photography gallery (man with hand in pocket and high rise in background) Simply click on the small size image of man. This reveals the larger image. Take note of the location (Netscape name) or address (Explorer name) and record the last 16 letters of the filename. In this case the man with hand in pocket is: cat01/gal01.html Input the file name on the order form below.

Tell us the image size you want. 640 x 640 pixel images are just $14.95 (US) each, and 1600 x 1600 to 2,000 x 2,000 pixel resolution images are just $49.95 each. We will then email or ship the selected image(s) to you. 640 x 640 pixel images are ideal for the web, and our 1600 to 2000 pixel resolution images are great for photographs up to 5"x7" at 300 dpi (brochure quality), and posters up to 16" x 20" (from professional ink jet printers).

Image Size desired Web Resolution 640 pixel images $14.95 each (File Names=)

High Resolution 1600 - 2000 pixel images $49.95 each (File Names=)

Click here, if you've chosen 4 or more 1600 to 2000 pixel images.
You will receive our 322 image CD ROM for FREE
The CD-ROM is automatically sent via Mail unless otherwise specified.
Click here for more information on this special free offer.

Click here to order our 322 image CD for $199.95 (US$). You can reduce
the cost of the CD by $49.95 each time you order one high resolution image.
Or, order no high resolution images and pay $199.95
How do you want these images shipped to you?
Email-We will immediately ship to the email address you input above. First class airmail (4-5 day delivery-Add $5 to your shipment) Courier (2 day delivery-Add $25 to your shipment)

CD-ROM File format
Specify only when orderering via mail/courier IBM Format Mac Format

Taxes California 7.% State $ Rest of USA 7% GST $ Outside USA none Shipping Disk(s) $ 5 $ Internet delivery no charge Courier(US/USA) $25 $ First class Airmail $ 5 $ Total Charge $ Payment Bank Draft or Money order#:

Bank Name: Bank Phone #: Charge Card Type Visa ........
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Year 2010 2011 2012

All prices quoted are in US$. We encourage you to order your images via email You will receive your images within minutes of me receiving your order if you order using our secure ecommerce site

Now that you have completed this form please select: File, Print, to print out and then this form to Alan's Award Winning Photography at # . Thanks for you questions and/or order. We will talk to you soon.

Alan's Award Winning Photography shipping and communications addresses:
Alan's Award Winning Photography
36901 Cook Street
Palm Springs, California
USA, 92211
Phone -760-898-5110 or 1-800-853-8145 , -

If you have comments or questions that you would like answered via E-mail, simply click here (remember to include your email address. E-Mail and submitt your comments or questions. We promise to reply within 24 hours of receipt of E-mail.

Thank you for completing the appropriate information and your interest in the products and services of Alan's Award Winning Photography .

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