Digital Imaging, Digital image manipulation, digital photos, pictures and computer generated images.

digital image manipulation, digital photos, pictures

Alan's Award Winning Photography is in the business of creating eye catching and exciting images using digital image manipulation. Our digital designs have been recognized as some of the World's best. Bring us your existing images and we will add the pizazz they deserve. We manipulate photographs to make them much more visually appealing than they were when they first arrived here. Alan's Award Winning Photography does:

  • turnkey digital design and output to film, negative or CD
  • Colour Correction to balance images to daylight or create unusual effects
  • Photo restoration and touch ups, repair ripped and crinkled images
  • Add text and graphics to photos such as employee names, your company logo
  • Superimpose multiple images, manipulate or enhance the visual quality of images
  • Special Effects, clouds, borders, backgrounds, surreality

Case in Point

A perfect use for Digital Imaging is our creative solution for the Virgin Records development of the old Palm Springs and Los Angeles Public Library. We were to provide photos of the store as it would look when completed. Digital Imaging allowed Alan's Award Winning Photography to complete this assignment without waiting for the completion of the building site itself.

We removed unsightly transit cables and added a blue sky. The new 'Virgin Records' was reproduced here by photographing a scale model and super imposing it within this shot. Alan's Award Winning Photography recieved the prestigious Lotus Award of Merit for Advertising Ex ence from Palmer Jarvis for this work. Click here for more information on our digital services

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