CORPORATE PHOTOGRAPHY - Important Questions and Answers

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Before hiring a corporate photographer it is best to ask many of the following important questions and get great answers.

This way you will know you are getting the right person for the right job at the right price.

As a corporate photographer we use the best digital 21 megapixel full frame cameras for the highest quality photographs you can receive.

Our work has recession friendly low low prices, combined with award winning passion, and 100% satisfaction guarantees, that makes us all winners!

Give us a call at 760-898-5110, the next time you need great, satisfaction guaranteed photography at the best prices in the industry.

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Corporate Photography, Convention Photography Experience the quality of a professional photographer and designer, and see the difference in all of your promotional media that will make your finished product stand out. Eye catching and thought provoking images. Discover for yourself how Alan's Award Winning Photography will make the difference for you by visiting our Corporate Photography Gallery.

First Impressions

Each business or corporation is a unique entity unto itself. It is difficult to judge the nature of the enterprise simply by looking at a company name. Images help to identify a corporation or business. Quite often we first notice a company's existence from their marketing material. This is your business's frontline. Your first impression so to speak. Does it measure up? Does it tell your story? Does it represent the company's Visions and reflect their values? This is what your customers identify with. It is not the product or the service per se. It is image.

At Alan's Award Winning Photography we understand this concept and we strive to have your company's Vision reflected in the images we create . In this way we support your story.

Here is a checklist of important points to consider when choosing your corporate photographer.
Feel free to call Alan's Award Winning Photography at 760-898-5110, anytime
to find out how we can make that professional difference for you and your business, at no risk to you.

Choosing the Right Photographer

With so many corporate photographers "out there", how do you go about choosing the one that's right for your company? You've got a marketing campaign with a tight deadline, and you need the job done now! Who do you call?

A Photographer should know your business, know how to handle schedules and more importantly should know how to handle people in a professional manner. This isn't taught, it is learned through experience. The Photographer should be flexible and able to capitalize on any given situation to it's best advantage.

Tools of the Trade

What kind of Equipment is best suited for Corporate Photography? Alan's Award Winning Photography uses Canon's highest quality L series professional lenses for capturing your images in the best way possible. From our new 17 mm L Series canon Tilt and shift lens for parallax free photos, to the unparalleled sharpness of the 400 mm L series lenses, we have your needs covered. The new Canon 5 D Mk II camera is the best of the best, featuring 21 megapixel, 60 megabyte files, from a full frame sensor, for the lowest noise, highest quality, that is as good or better than medium format cameras. You deserve the best so give us a call at 760-898-5110 to talk more about your next project.

What kind of Lighting is best for capturing various Corporate moods? Lighting plays an important factor in portraying the feeling of a message. We incorporate the most advanced techniques to capture the mood.

Negatives & Printing

Alan's Award Winning Photography includes high resolution digital files in all photo sessions.
We can save you hundreds and even thousands of dollars over other photographers, because you own the rights to the high resolution digital files. By owning the digital files, you have no royalty concerns or added bills for photographs that are normally charged out for on a usage basis. Magazine and brochure cover photographs often have usage rates from $250 to $500 or more dollars, plus photography labor rates, through other firms. Through us, you don't pay a penny extra for these extra services.

Your marketing department, boss and others will probably want reprints over and above those in any quotation submitted. Your long term investment in corporate reprints should factor in more than just the photographers charge for his services.

Why does Alan's Award Winning Photography Offer Custom Printing?
Custom printing brings out the best in photographs. Be sure your photographer custom prints his work by hand or computer. Professional film labs are best suited for this, with high quality, hand and computer controlled custom printing.

Does Alan's Award Winning Photography do Photo Retouching?
We do retouching of enlargements we deliver, significantly improving the look of the finished product. Be sure to ask if photo retouching is included in your Corporate Photography, or do you have to pay extra? If so then how much extra?

Does Alan's Award Winning Photography do any Digital Imaging?
Alan's Award Winning Photography also offers scanning and award winning digital photo retouching so that your photographs are print, email and web ready. Photographs are available in a variety of file formats, ready for use by your company's marketing department. We also deliver images on a record able DVD, via email, or the Internet.

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